the story so far


Charm Lawrence is an accredited Life Coach and Mental Health first aider who started blogging as a way to document her self-love journey after her divorce. Her expertise in improving behaviour for personal growth started in education leading to hundreds of teenagers and adults recognising their potential. Charm used her strategy for success to start her business in 2015 helping women to fall in love with who they are and successfully overcome traumatic experiences to lead a life that they desire. Charm recently became an author of 'The Self-Love Strategy' a guidebook that teaches how to create a strategy for self-love success


Today, Charm teaches the importance of self-love and how it dictates how you move through life. She talks about relationships, careers, parenting, and how acceptance of who you are can massively improve your position on this Earth. She has spoken at many events including her popular live training events as well as designed and delivered training sessions in South London schools


THE SELF-LOVE STRATEGY book is available NOW!

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