the story so far

Charm Lawrence is an accredited Life Coach and Mental Health first aider who started blogging as a way to document her self-love journey after her divorce. Her expertise in improving behaviour for personal growth led to hundreds of teenagers and adults recognising their potential. Charm used her strategy for success to continue her work helping others to fall in love with who they are and recently became an author of 'The Self-Love Strategy'


Today, Charm teaches the importance of self-love and how it dictates how you move through life. She talks about relationships, careers, parenting, and how acceptance of who you are can massively improve your position on this Earth.


The Self-Lovers Lounge is a membership that allows you access to Charm's personal lessons, the ability to communicate with others, ebooks, online courses, and events. Charm is open and honest about her journey and will really push you to your limit. Falling in love with self is not a trend, it is a lifestyle and there is work to do daily.

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