Dear Black Man

Updated: Aug 26

I am a very fortunate black woman and I do not say that as an affirmation. I say it because it’s true. I am fortunate to have amazing black men in my life who whether they know it or not, fill me with pride as they themselves have fought physical and emotional battles that they speak nothing about.

It has always been my desire to lift, inspire and motivate those I come into contact with, to be their best self by stepping into a world that repeatedly calls them a minority and labels them with English ideologies that they are only good enough to be entertainers and unskilled service workers. There is difficulty when approaching black men to open them up to seeing themselves in the image of a King with our creator's hand on his heart.

As a black woman, it is my responsibility to help them to shake the negative shackles still tied to their hands and feet hidden within their excuses. I never want my words to disempower the black men in my life but I will continue to push, to inspire, to lift and to instil hope even if it falls on ears uncomfortably.

As the black woman standing beside you, I aim to bat every negative stereotype that comes your way, because you are mine, my king, my brothers, my family, my culture. I will not watch society chip away at you. I will soak up your annoyances, I will accept your insecurities, I will even allow you to walk away from me. But I’ve got you every step of the way and I am not going to allow you to play small. Small is not on the agenda. Life has not been easy and your growth is valued so take a minute and breathe but do not give up, do not stop fighting against the unseen bias, the micro-aggressions and the whispers.

I am fortunate to have a whole host of beautiful black men in my life, Kings, you are worthy, you are amazing and I will always do my utmost to continue to put you on a pedestal with my words, my touch and my prayers. What I need from you is to lay down your shield for me to speak power to you, to find the fearlessness within you, to separate you from the distractions that leave you weak. My agenda, black man, is you and the empire that you stand on top of, the paths you create from those coming behind you. To stand by you in all your weaknesses and your strengths but you have to be ready, time is not on our side.

Modern-day society has given us access to millions of resources that remind us of our importance, educates us and strengthens us. You are not on your own. The black woman is as always right by your side. Open your eyes and see her, she may be hard, she may seem tough but lionesses have fought their own battles and this May have hardened her. She knows your struggles, she wants to support you, to love you and you have to allow her to do her job. You can not rise alone.

The time is now, courage is necessary. Step into rooms that you don’t feel you belong and watch how they salute you with their awe. Black women have had your back and she will continue as long as you don’t push her away, so don't wear her down, she has her own battles to fight. Have faith, your surroundings may change, the unknown will appear but take the risk because happiness is always at the end of hard work.

Remember to always wear your crown, if it drops pick it up because in order to pass it down you must first own it.

Love from Charm x



© 2018 by Charm Lawrence