Are women emasculating men?

It’s probably best that I state that my opinion is mine and there will of course be opinions that align and that do not. It is also important that I state that when referring to the genders, I of course do not mean all.

The new buzz phrase over the last year or two is ‘masculine and feminine energy’. It has always been around and there are many coaches that work with women on honing in on their feminine energy to attract the opposite sex and vice versa. I do not oppose any of this support at all. My issue arises when the rise of the modern woman is attacked on the basis that our rise has somehow disempowered men and emasculated them. It’s a very immature attitude and plays into society’s blame culture. And before I hear the moans and groans of those who will point out the flaws of women, I’m well aware of them but let’s focus on the title of this written piece.

There was a time when the gender roles were clear, understood and respected. I am a huge fan of the traditional gender roles in a family setting but we all know that I’m a romanticist. The problem with that era was that rather than respecting the female gender role and understanding that every role was essential for a healthy family unit, women were treated as property, Owned by their husbands, refused the right to vote, unable to work without the permission of her husband and in many cases completely oppressed and abused by the man who is suppose to love and protect her.

The feminist movement was formed to help women to stand up for themselves and to not take no for an answer. They wanted freedom, They wanted fairness, they wanted it all. The fight has been going on ever since.

Of recent times it has been said that the modern independent woman exudes too much masculine energy, working long hours, depending on herself, being