Environment is everything!

Updated: Aug 26

I regularly speak about ensuring that your environment is a positive space that allows you to feel free to sit, focus and progress.

For many years, I have had a vision for my home. A space that allowed me to sit in for hours and allow words to built up and spill onto my notepad. Soaking in the bath, sitting on the toilet and escaping to the car was just not cutting it. For those that own a property in the middle of London, you’ll know that space is always hard to come by. However I am fortunate to have a maisonette with high ceilings, original sash windows and unused loft space (potentially 2 extra bedrooms)

My personality bounces around being a loner sitting near a river immersed in the soft breeze to the loud socialite ready to party to the internally awkward cry baby. What I know is that these characters enable me to transfer my experiences into emotive memories that move me toward my future. So, for me... environment is paramount to my growth. I need the people, places and things that surround me to inspire me, to intrigue me and to make me feel full.

When I speak about self love, I always ensure that I teach the importance of environment. People, places and mindset. The last couple of weeks were a huge struggle because I do not thrive in hustle mode. I do not thrive is disorganised movement, I am a to do list person, focused on each task and delivering it well. The renovation of my dream bedroom meant, I lived in organised chaos for two week while my custom wardrobes were being built. Things were not in its place and I had to survive without a dedicated space that was mine.

However, I am back. Thriving. Everything in its place, a beautiful space that is mine and the ability to sit and think while my words formulate freely with ease. In order to pour into self, review how you are feeling and plan how to fill your tank while creating your environment of peace.

People, places and mindset should bring you a sense of peace you can not cook in a dirty kitchen so how can you think with a cluttered space and mind.

Love from Charm x



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