Is Summer 2020 Cancelled?

Updated: Aug 26

It’s seems that a 2020 summer holiday is out of the question due to Mr Corona. I suppose I should be grateful as last year I jumped on a plane three times and each one of them were filled to the brim of sun, sea and laughter.

This August, I wanted to take my daughters on another luxury holiday however we decided to wait until 2021 to explore. They have suggested Morocco or Egypt. The lack of passport use means that I have to be creative so that we can still have a fun filled summer.

This time last year, I had taken a huge financial loss but had already paid for the All Inclusive holiday so was determined to enjoy every moment and use the tranquil environment to plan my next move. It was the motivation I needed. As I allowed the sun to beat my skin, I listened to the sound of the waves as if it was speaking directly to me.

During moments of fear, calm is necessary. In that moment, my loss became a lesson and I planned my next steps to overcome the hit I had taken.

2020 surprisingly hasn’t been a year of hits, it’s been a year of rebuilding. Mr Corona is taking small steps away and the world has begun to reopen. However, catching flights is no longer on the agenda so the British sun is going to have to do. A trip to Bournemouth beaches, London Zoo, bike riding in Dulwich park and a ridiculous amount of ice cream are all on the agenda.

Catching a flight is my method of celebration and reflection but as we come to the end of this pandemic, there are other beautiful ways to take your breathe away and remind you to be grateful. No matter where you are, take a trip, no just any trip but one that makes you smile, one that makes you love and one that remind you that you are worthy of all that you dream of.

Love from Charm x



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