Creating a Self-Love Strategy

To me, self love is not a trend, it is a lifestyle. It is not exclusive to women although I am aware that women are more open to discussing the journey. February is the month of love and even though Valentines day has gone, it is important to really think about the benefits of giving and receiving love.

I understand that in today's modern society if it doesn't look glamorous than it's not desirable. However, when the glamour runs out and the struggle to even like oneself overpowers you, the work on self has to begin. Only when we hit a brick wall do we realise that not only is our confidence low but everything around us feels dull and unobtainable.

It always surprises me when people ask me how I became so confident, how I walked away from my life partner, how I was open to fall in love again, how come I speak so lovingly about past friendships and relationships and the truth is, business saved me. I threw myself into business and it gave me the validation that made me feel real good. However, when the evening grew quiet, I realised that I have more work to do. But not just any work, self work.

I spent 6 months working on my internal fears, pain and weaknesses and I documented every single step. In business we create strategies for success, SWOT analysis', risk assessments and projections so I did the same for my personal life. This is when the strategy was born.

The Self-Love strategy is based on four key areas

- Learn

- Love

- Protect

- Live

All these areas develop your soft skills, such as self awareness, emotional intelligence, resilience, problem solving and goal achievement, All these skills are most desired by employers when hiring and promoting and lets not forget the benefits you get internally.

Visit the resources page and check out the quick guides to support your self love journey. Also book a call with me, bring all your questions and let's find solutions to the challenges holding you back.

Love from Charm x

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