See the Vision, Create the future.

Updated: Aug 26

Every new year I talk about setting new goals for the year to come. By now you know that I’m completely obsessed with them. However, this year I want to discuss vision, our individual vision for the future. When setting goals, it is important to have a vision for what we want in our life and where we want to be. Without a vision, what are we really working towards? Every goal we make should lead us to the life we want.

I remember at nineteen thinking about what I wanted to achieve in life. I sat down with pen and paper and wrote down the vision I had for my future. Thinking about it now, it was so cliche. Everything I ever wanted was what the mills and boons book collection told me was a success. I wanted the husband, the career, the two beautiful children, a nice car and the house with the white picket fence. Every goal I set was leading me towards my vision and I would add something to my list that would enhance my growth and fit within my vision.I completed a degree, so I could demand more money, started a business to have a career that others admired and bought the car that I wanted purely because I could.

Every single goal except buying the dream house had been met. I was living my dream life at 30. Yep. I had struck gold.

However, the vision I had set myself changed, my life had taken a drastic turn and I had to create a new vision. That is the vision I am working towards today. Some people float through life without any goals and still manage to achieve success, it is possible. It’s possible because they are hard working, focused and make use of all opportunities that come their way, they may not set goal’s, but they know what they want their life to look like. They see it, they work towards it and it manifests. For those who are not naturally driven or fail to see the opportunities that come their way, goal setting is the most successful way to get to the place that you want.

I’m not one to share my goals with everyone as they are a part of my personal journey and as a creative, I can easily jump from one thing to another without completing. I love to celebrate, I have amazing cheerleaders and the hype they bring motivates me but in times when there are no claps, I need to be able to step it up, motivate myself and still succeed. Self-reliance is important to me as I know that this is an area of weakness. This is a skill that I consistently develop which is why goal setting and to do lists are my thing. Having said all that, I have no problem sharing my vision with you, to be inspired to create the life you want and working towards it daily.

What does our vision look like? It’s the place where you feel like you’ve made it, you’re happy, you’re loved, it’s the very vision that you are working so hard for. So many people tell me that their vision is unrealistic, unreachable, impossible. I beg to differ. There is too much evidence of the success we seek in the world for it to be impossible. For every vision you see for yourself, there is someone in the world living that life. Don’t visualise small, see all the things that you want to achieve and create a plan to get there.

For me, it’s simple and achievable. I am a homeowner of multiple properties, I am a full-time self-employed person with family members on my team. I am running workshops and lectures on self-love, resilience, and courage as well as being a paid speaker. I am an established author of self-help books. My children are doing extremely well in school and I travel regularly with them and explore the world. Let’s not forget I am financially independent. Simple right? I don’t need much, it took me three years to learn who I was and what I wanted from my life and that in itself took work. That work involved having a vision, a vision that I wanted for my future. I have achieved it all before. Many are living the life that I desire so guess what I am not stopping at the vision, every year, every month, I have goals to meet. I want what I want and when I have it I will celebrate with you all.

2019 is about the vision. Create yours.

Happy New Year everyone, enjoy the journey x

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