Your Dad is a Waste Man!

The reality of co-parenting is that there is a lot of groundwork to do before you see the bed of roses blossom. Its been a long journey for me to arrive at a place of contentment, it's not perfect, and to be honest, it never will be but I can not allow my children to not have the very best of their mother or their father so imperfect or not I am going to roll with it.

I have spoken to many women who struggle with the process as emotions are high, feelings have been hurt and resentment has reared its ugly head. Trust me, I have been there. There were times when I didn't believe it was fair for me to have the children full time while he got the standard four days a month I remember sitting down and working out that a father having their children every other week turned out to be less than 2 months out of the 12 months in a year. It enraged me.

Child maintenance was another issue, we had the 'what do you spend the money on' conversation which for a woman like me was insulting especially as we had lived together so he should know how the money is distributed. literally, every single thing upset me and I had good reason because it is unfair..H