Every session stems from the base of self and understanding who you are. Whether we are working on business, confidence or goal achievement, understanding the importance of who we are in an integral part of achieving success.

Coaching is bespoke and created solely upon your individual needs. Sessions will be


One intensive day,

Four sessions

Ten sessions

It all depends on the desired end goal. After an initial consultation, we will plan out the sessions required leading you to your vision of success.

Topics covered previously: Business Start-Up, Rock Solid Confidence, Relationship Success and Creating a Self Love Strategy.


Ideas are a regular occurance within our minds but we seldom allow them to fall upon paper. My love for retelling stories and expressing one's thoughts was birthed whenI realised my imagination danced all hours of the day and forced me to allow them to be read by others.

The services I now provide are:

  • Blog writing 

  • Press Releases 

  • Articles 

  • Ghostwriting 

I tend to write on self-improvement topics which motivate, inspire and support the growth of others


A professional speaker has one job to do, deliver a message that engages the audience and helps to impact their lives positively.

I have hosted and delivered many workshops and spoken on many stages teaching audiences to improve their lives and impact change within their communities.

I have been dubbed the Self-Love activist and the GoalGetter due to my hard-hitting strategies for success.. Confidence and self-worth are truly topics that make audiences connect and make changes to improve their lives.


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